Realign. Reassign. Re-purpose: What happens when you have to start all over?

Realign. Reassign. Re-purpose.

Step 1: Realign

How do I realign myself you may ask. I would say quite simple, but, it isn’t as simple as I may put it. It requires consistency. Be consistent. Realign yourself by grabbing hold and taking control of your finances.  Make this your priority. This journey for me has not been an easy process especially being a single mom of two. It took years of trial and error and asking questions, becoming disciplined and yes CONSISTENT.

I made so many wrong turns.wrong

I gave money out even when it wasn’t in my best interest to do so but in my process of realigning my finances, I decided to create a fund just for the purpose of giving, because I like being able to help others but, I had to use wisdom in my giving.

Oh, before I go any further- TITHE! Honor God with 10%.

I take 40% out of my check. EACH CHECK. I set 10% out for tithing and the other 30% for savings. I may be writing to you from a place of it is all too simple. IT ISN”T! There have been many days I looked at my checks and I wondered how in the world am I going to be able to achieve what I am trying to achieve. I am not making enough. Again, consistency and discipline. I recently picked up the motto: “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else.”

What?! Sounds so simple!! I told you earlier I am a single mom with two boys and as I began to cut out and realign them and give them the plan, you would’ve thought life was coming to an end for them. All they heard was “NO MORE LEGOS” lol. I’m not going to delve off into that, I’ll save that for when you book me as your  SPEAKER for a conference :)! Ok, so back to the REALIGNING FINANCES. Find ways to either earn extra income or if you can’t earn extra income, work with what you have. Know your credit score, I recommend using .

No affiliation with Credit Karma, Dave Ramsey or John Townsend, I love my results!

I went from not being able to get a car to recently purchasing a 2012 Hyundai Accent Sedan with no co-signer and a down payment of only $400! In two years I will be building my house- It is so because  I REALIGNED MY FINANCES, my first step to success!

A few books I recommend you to read is Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey and The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success In Doing HARD things the Right Way by Dr. John Townsend. See you next month.

That’s all for now.

Dream BIG. Start small. Start NOW.

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  1. Joseph Stevens says:

    Great read. I really enjoyed it.


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